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      Support API

      API: Account Info

      API: Account Info

      Customer account information can be retrieved by issuing a GET request against a URL of the following format:


      An example of a request and response:

       $ curl -u user:pass http://example.loggly.com/apiv2/customer 
        "tokens": [
        "subdomain": "example", 
        "subscription": {
          "volume_limit_mb": 200, 
          "retention_days": 7

      The response will be a JSON-encoded body with properties enumerating various account information.

      Field Description
      tokens List of Customer Tokens available for authorizing the event stream.
      subdomain The account name.
      subscription Information about the account’s current subscription.
      archive-s3-bucket Forthcoming. Name of a bucket on S3 to which we are writing archived events.
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